The 2024 USAF MSC Association (MSCA) Biennial Membership Meeting (BMM) (Aka. Reunion, Education Session, Business Meeting)–Total Force Integration And Vietnam Era Veteran Commemoration–24-27 October 2024, Colorado Springs Marriott, 5580 Tech Center Drive Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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About the USAF MSC
About the USAF Medical Service Corps (MSC)

Established in 1949 as a group of professional health care administrators who lead and manage one of the nation’s most diverse and complex health system.

The USAF MSC Association promotes the Air Force Medical Service Corps as a patriotic and rewarding career--the psychic income is tremendous!


In 1991, several USAF MSC officers hosted a reunion. After consensus, an organization was formed to promote the interests of USAF MSC active duty and retirees.

Heritage and Culture

Formed in 1992, the USAF MSC Association (MSCA) is a non-profit association for current and former USAF MSC officers to sustain, honor, and preserve their culture, legacy, and history.

Our Mission

We serve a diverse group of USAF MSCs (professional healthcare administrators) to sustain, honor, and preserve a culture of excellence, innovation, continuous improvement, and historical legacy.

Our Vision
Our Vision

WE aspire to be the #1 source to create a culture of generational collaboration, mentoring, information sharing, networking, advocacy, history, and family support in the federal health system domain

Our Values

Integrity, Service, Excellence, Collaboration


We offer a range of services including career and leader development advice, life event and survivor support services, networking, history collection, and information sharing

Core Services
Members Only Core Services

Access to career management, development, and advice ... Conduct professional development webinars ... Network and engage members on relevant topics ... Serve as a clearing house for jobs and career opportunities ... Host events: reunion, education sessions, regional get togethers ... Publish history, newsletters, and access to annual member directory ... Manage the Survivor Information and Support Program ... Promote MSCA member contributions, successes, accomplishments ... Raise funds for BG Wagner Scholarship fund, veterans groups, and MSCA activities

Eligible For Membership?

We welcome current, former, and retired Air Force Active Duty, Reserve and Air National Guard Medical Service Corps (MSC) officers including surviving spouses.

Achieve Your Aspirations
Achieve Your Aspirations

As servant leaders we coach, guide, and mentor MSCs in all stages of their career with empathy and gratitude. We support and honor MSCs who are in the process of transitioning to a new career. Project Connect offers:

Resume reviews
Job openings
Interview prep

Brig Gen Wagner Scholarship Fund

Annual grants to qualifying children of past and present MSC officers. WE donate to other organizations who support active duty and veterans. Donations always welcome.

Stay Informed and Inspired

AWESOME Newsletter - The Higher Calling -Capturing Our Legacy, History, Culture, Advice

Ignite Your Passion!
Ignite your Passion

We personify networking and engagement of Air Force Medical Service Corps officers, past, present, and future. Project Connect provides:

Career development advice
Access to mentors or coaches
Transition and Retirement support

Members Only Benefits
For Members Only

Access to HSA Class Photos


We acknowledge and support each other’s diversity: background, experience, demographics, perspectives by flying side-by-side with each other.

Survivor Support
Survivor Support Program

WE provide support to surviving spouses and family members of Medical Service Corps officers ... leave no one behind .. never forget

Participate in Webinars!

We delivery top-quality professional education programs, including webinars and in-person learning opportunities.

Learn from the Experts and Your Peers! Past webinars: Mentoring in the 21st Century ... How to Blow a Whistle and Win ... Diversity and Inclusion ... Executive Resilience ... Participate in Senior Leader Interviews

Awesome Events (and eMCees)

Host the Biennial AF MSCA reunion, where MSCs (active, Reserve/Guard, retired, and spouses) gather to reconnect, network, and celebrate our heritage

A Legacy of Comaraderie
Members Only Benefits
For Members Only

All HSA Class Scrap Books!

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We Welcome Sponsors

We depend on sponsors to help promote the MSCA and delivery a variety of services in return for recognition, visibility, recruiting, training, and outreach.

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Who We Are

We are the USAF MSC Association – a group of active duty, Air Guard, Air Force Reserve, retired and former USAF Medical Service Corps Officers and their survivors now totaling more than 900.

What We Stand For, What We Do

The USAF MSC Association is a professional organization for health care administrators. We provide a way for you to stay in touch with other MSCs, support survivors upon the death of a member and maintain a focus on documenting the history of the Medical Service Corps. See an example of one specialty area below

Senior Leader Insight

Professional and leader development is crucial for all USAF MSCs. Listen to the insights on our senior leaders.


Membership is open to all active, Reserve, Air Guard, retired and former USAF Medical Service Corps officers and their surviving spouses.

Become A Member

The value of the services, development, and meeting opportunities exceed the cost of annual dues.  If you’re eligible and want to be a member sign up today: 

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events.

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