The 2024 USAF MSC Association (MSCA) Biennial Membership Meeting (BMM) (Aka. Reunion, Education Session, Business Meeting)–Total Force Integration And Vietnam Era Veteran Commemoration–24-27 October 2024, Colorado Springs Marriott, 5580 Tech Center Drive Colorado Springs, Colorado.



The USAF MSC Association (MSCA) is a professional, non-profit association for USAF Medical Service Corps (MSC) Officers since 1992. The MSCA dedicated to serving members with a variety of services to sustain, honor, and preserve our culture, legacy, and history. The MSCA is point for all members and Corps Chief’s office on MSC for info sharing, advice, networking, history, career management advice, and leader development.

Value Proposition

  1. Continue to build cohesion through reconnecting and sharing “war stories”
  2. Capture, share, and preserve USAF MSC legacy & history
  3. Coach, guide, and mentor each other
  4. Enable information, idea sharing, innovations
  5. Never forget those who have passed away

Core Services (Members only)

1. History: Document, disseminate USAF MSC history, and preserve USAF MSC culture

a. Purchase a copy of the First MSC History document: Excellence from Birth. Send an inquiry to
b. Health Services Administration (HSA) Class Photos and Scrapbooks
c. Interview and document USAF MSCs who’ve “been there, done that”
d. Collect, archive, and post reports, lessons, and studies

Sample HSA Class and Scrapbook Photos

[pdf-embedder url="" download="on"]

2. Survivor Information Program and Support

a. Life event planning and survivors planning checklist
b. Regional representatives to support family members of members who pass away
c. Honor Roll: remember those who’ve embodied integrity, service, excellence

3. Communication and Interaction:

a. Produce annual membership directory for all members to stay in touch for life
b. Informative newsletters. Send inputs:
c. Facebook (answer 3 questions):
d. LinkedIn:

Sample Newsletter

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4. Project Connect–Career Management, Development, and Advice!

a. Conduct resume reviews
b. Provide career and leader development
c. Retirement and transition advice
d. Facilitate networking – physical & virtual spaces
e. Advertise job openings in government, commercial, profit and non-profit sectors
f. Offer mentoring and coaching services

5. Plan and host meetings:

a. Biennial reunion and education sessions
b. Regional meetings

6.  Host Zoom Webinars on member-driven requests

a. Past topics: Mentoring, Transition Planning, Resilience, Diversity and Inclusion

7. Promote MSCA member contributions:

a. Authors
b. Services
c. Jobs/networking
d. Mentoring/Advice
e. Advocacy
f. Chaplaincy

8. Conduct Fund Raisers for

a. Sponsor BG Wagner Scholarship Fund
b. Veterans groups and activities

Most Members Agree!

The value of the services, development, and meeting opportunities exceed the cost of annual dues. If you’re eligible and want to be a member sign up today through the Join Tab.

Questions? Comments? Ideas?
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